China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) – don’t forget about your employee personal data

Industry discussion so far has focused on what companies must do to demonstrate compliance with the upcoming China’s PIPL requirements around collecting and managing consumer data. Fewer headlines address the fact employees will have the same rights over their personal data as consumers do, including: 

  • Right of access to obtain a copy 
  • Right to request deletion
  • Right to rectify

With China’s new privacy and data protection law effected on November 1, you can’t afford to overlook the other vital part of any privacy and data protection compliance program – making sure your HR systems provide full visibility of the data you collect internally.  

ADP has created a downloadable template to guide you through the process of mapping the personal data your HR team currently collects on your employees. You can use it to identify any potential gaps in your current privacy and data protection compliance program. 

The tool covers three key areas: 

  • Security: reviewing where employee personal data is stored and who has access to it 
  • Privacy: gaining clarity on what personal data is being processed, for what purpose and for how long it is retained 
  • Support: identifying whether your existing HR and payroll solutions provide the support you need to comply with PIPL. For example, the process to receive and respond to Individual Rights Requests

You’ll find some thought-provoking questions and helpful prompts within each area, to guide you in your responses. You can also filter by area to allow you to focus on one section at a time.

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