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Payroll for 1–199 employees

Payroll done in just a few clicks, with taxes done for you.

  • Payroll processing in easy steps
  • Taxes, wages contributions calculated
  • Manage third-party payroll deductions
Small Business Payroll 

Payroll for 200–1,000+ employees

Flexible, custom-configured and integrated payroll with HR.

  • Fully automated employee data management
  • Integration with HR, time & attendance and more

Scalable levels of services, including payroll outsourcing

Midsized to Enterprise Payroll 

Payroll for employees around the globe

One solution to unify multi-country payroll processing.

  • Simplified global payroll
  • Unified global reporting
  • Compliance management
Global Payroll 

Payroll services for the world at work

Payroll solutions, expertise and unified technology with these convenient features:

  • Automated online payroll processing
  • Access to global workforce data for analysis and reporting
  • Simple integration with other systems and applications
  • Expert payroll software for your business
  • Payroll outsourcing that's flexible and scalable for Singapore and other markets

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ADP payroll services FAQs

What is payroll and how does it work?

Payroll can be anything from paying your employees and calculating taxes and deductions, to ensuring compliance obligations are met. Payroll can either be carried out in-house or entrusted to a reputable provider like ADP. If you decide to outsource your payroll, your payroll provider should be able to manage every payroll process your business encounters. This enables you to focus on higher-value tasks, including business strategy, hiring and retaining the right people, and driving employee development and engagement.

What do payroll services do?

Payroll providers carry out a range of services for companies who don’t wish to run an in-house payroll. These can include managing tax clearance for foreign employees, CPF refund, and reimbursement claims for National Service and government-paid leave such as child care leave, maternity and paternity leave, and adoption leave. 

At ADP, we do all these, and more. We provide customised payroll services and payroll outsourcing for businesses of all sizes. Our payroll software keeps your business compliant to regulations in Singapore and global markets, helping you avoid fines and penalties.

What are payroll managed services?

If you choose as a business to hand over every payroll process to a trusted outsourced provider like ADP, these are known as payroll managed services. This ensures your HR, finance and admin teams are freed up from time-consuming work. Now you can stay compliant with regulations in Singapore and global markets.

Who needs payroll services?

Is your business struggling with running in-house payroll? Can’t afford the time or expense to recruit, train and retain accounting or HR professionals? You could benefit from outsourced payroll services. You’ll save the costs of an in-house department, and avoid the complexity of staying up to date with ever-changing compliance regulations. Plus, say goodbye to manual errors and potential fines for missing compliance deadlines.

I have a small business. How does ADP payroll benefit my business?

More than 500,000 small businesses trust ADP to manage their payroll for them — many have as few as one employee. Our small business payroll services are flexible and scalable for SMEs — you only pay for what you need, helping you keep your costs down.

I have offices across several countries. Can ADP do multi-country payroll?

Yes. ADP's global payroll give you on-demand access to one single unified system of global reporting and helps you stay compliant across local and overseas markets. We unify your payroll across 140 countries, meeting your needs as your business expands.

Why would I ask ADP to process payroll for me?

Using ADP to manage your payroll gives you peace of mind, while freeing up time for you and your staff, saving you money and non-compliance penalties. We take your data protection extremely seriously, which is why we add an extra level of governance to your employee data.

Will ADP payroll services integrate with my current software?

Yes. You can start with ADP payroll and then add on other ADP services such as time and attendance, HR administration, and more as you need them.

Does ADP have online payroll tools for employees?

Our Employee Self-Service (ESS) mobile-responsive portal gives employees access to their payroll information and benefits, no matter where they are. Your employees can complete a variety of tasks, such as viewing payslips and managing leave.

Does ADP integrate time and attendance with payroll?

Yes. In fact, it's incredibly easy to start with payroll and then add on services such as time and attendance.

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