Measure the ROI of ADP Global Payroll

Forrester study finds ADP Global Payroll can boost your bottom line

The importance of a unified global payroll

For international operations like yours, payroll has become increasingly complex. Now with the added pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, your teams must keep up with ever-changing regulations as well as local legislation, manage a variety of HR management platforms and ensure pay is processed accurately and on time.

Against this backdrop, ADP commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment for large international organisations using ADP Global Payroll. Forrester found that after investment in ADP Global Payroll, customers gained a single, unified global payroll solution, fully integrated with their HR management platforms.

Return on investment

Avoidance of compliance costs

Total payroll process efficiency gain (large and small countries)

Improved employee retention

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“I used to spend around $1M on payroll to pay 2,000 employees. Now I spend the same amount to pay 8,000 employees.”

Executive Director, Global Payroll Services, Semiconductor Industry

The benefits of changing to ADP Global Payroll

A scalable, unified platform, ADP Global Payroll streamlines payroll processes across an organisation’s international footprint and brings all data into a single, consolidated view. With improved compliance and reduction of errors, your international businesses can reduce costs and improve employees’ experience.

Organisations who implemented ADP Global Payroll highlighted: increased efficiency, better compliance, improved employee experience and more agility due to quick access to more accurate data. Although Forrester couldn’t quantify the additional benefits of having access to global payroll information, it concluded that this access led to:

  • More informed decision-making
  • Quicker reactions to changing industry trends and market events
  • Increased security
  • Extra flexibility to integrate future markets
  • Enhanced employee experience

The costs of ‘business as usual’

Before using ADP Global Payroll, the customers were using a non-integrated payroll model, with a mix of in-house legacy systems and payroll run by different vendors in various countries. These products weren’t integrated with their HR management platforms, resulting in multiple data sets and additional complexity in employee information management. Payroll staff had to ensure data was correct and up to date, resulting in errors, inefficiencies, delays, a poor employee experience and high fines due to non-compliance. Sound familiar?

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Ready to assess how ADP Global Payroll can boost ROI in your organisation?

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“The ability to get globally consistent and improved employee experience, efficiency, cost savings and then a data set to inform the business is huge.”

Senior Director, Global Payroll, Tax & Mobility Services, Aerospace & Defence