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Fear or Confidence? Take a new look at pay

This eBook previews the key challenges for payroll and why unshackling your business from restrictive working methods can free your teams to unlock the power of pay.

  • Replacing tired legacy systems will boost efficiency in both Finance and HR departments.
  • Your business can adapt to evolving working practices.
  • Disconnected tactical silos of operation and information can be brought together to form a powerful strategic driver of success.
  • The right expertise, processes and technology all connect to deliver the right pay to the right people.
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Small Steps or Giant leaps?

Overlooked in better times, payroll transformation is now essential for HR and Finance leaders to tackle together. We define 3 key stages to deliver success through the right people, processes and technology.

1. Optimisation
Process and system review

Take a holistic view of payroll against business objectives, to see how optimisation and enhanced efficiencies result in commercial and cultural benefits.

2. Visibility
Data sharing and interrogation

See how accessing accurate data can better inform Finance and HR for both local and global payroll, so that departments can respond rapidly to changing needs and regulations.

3. Agility
Strategic planning

Understand why innovative, reactive business expansion with flexible pay solutions means that however and wherever your people work, you’re always in control.


Disconnected or Delivering?

Download this infographic to learn why no organisation can ignore opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and how to do it.

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No other payroll company has our experience, or the trust of 810,000 customers.

No other company has spent 70 years immersing itself in the problems of payroll – and finding solutions for a wider range of businesses around the world.

Take a new look at pay.

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