Payroll & Compliance – SEA Quarterly Chronicles – April 2021

01 April, 2021

In this edition, learn about key legislative updates for Singapore (SG), Philippines (PH) and Indonesia (ID) from January to March 2021. These include:

  • Latest Guidelines on filing BIR forms (PH)
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has released clarification on the guideline issued as a directive to file BIR forms:

    The Copies of certificate of Compensation Payment / Tax withheld for Compensation Payment With or Without Tax Withheld (BIR Form 2316) without the signature of the concerned employee shall be accepted by the Bureau only if the certificates are duly signed by the authorized representative of the tax payer-employer.

    Taxpayers who have already filed their tax returns through eFPS and eBIRForms Package need not submit hard copies of the returns to the RDO where they are duly registered.

    Taxpayers filing the 2020 Annual information return through 1604CF and/or BIR form 1604E, must file using allotted type-version and utility of the form as prescribed under the guideline.

    To read further, please refer the official link.

The newsletter also covers some other topics: 

  • Philippines Holiday List for 2021 has been notified (PH)
  • SSS loan payment policy (PH)
  • Guidelines on administration of Covid-19 Vaccine in the Workplaces (PH)
  • IRAS acceptable rates for Per Diem Allowance – 2021 (SG)
  • Budget Statement 2021 (SG)
  • Income Tax Relief for taxpayers extended (ID)
  • New regulations of the Omnibus Law on job creation (ID)
  • New BPJS unemployment program (ID)

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