Talent management and growth

Discover how you can develop high-performing leaders and teams.

Transform talent management

Your people deliver results day in and day out to make your company succeed. Help them take their natural ability and potential even further.

Help people thrive

Don't just manage your people, equip them with solutions that help them set and achieve meaningful goals, receive and take action on feedback, and take advantage of collaboration across teams.

Our performance management solutions allow you to:

  • Align performance with corporate objectives using cascading performance goals and multi-rater feedback
  • Define your performance process with appraisals reviews that run at different frequencies
  • Provide managers with greater visibility into team performance and productivity

Make learning easy with continuous skills development

If you’re re-thinking the role that learning plays within your organisation, you’re not alone: 77 percent of CEOs are concerned that a shortage of key skills could impair their company’s growth.1

  • Identify gaps to deliver targeted learning and development programmes that build business agility
  • Deliver customised learning programmes with the flexibility to support a variety of learning methods and content, from classroom to on-the-job training delivery
  • Track team performance through personalised dashboard views for managers
  • Make learning easy by allowing the employees to request course enrolment, choose a session or get on the waiting list

Prepare your organisation for the future

Succession planning plays a critical role in ensuring your organisation is prepared for the future. It can also improve retention by making top performers feel valued and giving them a vision of opportunity within your organisation.

Begin building a strong pipeline of tomorrow's leaders with ADP's succession planning features:

  • Visibility into bench strength, including competencies, compa-ratio and performance history to make data-driven decisions
  • Easy-to-use tools for employees to build and update their profiles, search for potential positions and compare their current competencies with what they need for a future position

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1. CEO Survey, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2017.