Working efficiently and flexibly with ADP® iHCM

iHCM has been implemented very seamlessly and that is also our intention for when you start working with a new package. The implementation must run smoothly, without too many teething problems. Then you can get off to a flying start and we really like that.

Peter van Meer, Head of Finance


  • Reconfigure the payroll process.
  • Get quickly and easily reliable and up-to-date reports from the system.

How ADP helped:

Seamlessly. It was well organised and well supported, with short lines of communication. This meant that, even at a time of restrictions due to the Corona measures, we were able to get off to a flying start. Our objectives have been changed by COVID-19. We are more aware of costs. We are paying even more attention to the well-being of our people. The reports on sick leave, for example, are a great help in tracking the situation and then engaging in discussion. ADP® iHCM provides the insight necessary for better monitoring of objectives. And it does so in a very user-friendly way.

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